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“This is going to be good.”

Texture . Curly haircuts . Subtle to bold color

At VAIN since 2005. Licensed stylist since 1987.

Hair philosophies
+ If you’re spending more than 30 minutes each day on your hair, it’s time to re-think your style.
+ If you can’t remember the last time you received a compliment on your look, it’s time to let go and welcome change.

+ Developing styles that push the corporate envelope—working within professionally acceptable boundaries but providing haircuts and color that allow for some fun during non-working hours.
+ Color enhancement using highlighting/lowlighting and semi permanent colors. Add some zing, focus, and personality to your ‘do while remaining within nature’s color palette.
+ Sculpted cuts and free form cutting.
+ Color correction.
+ Honesty. Let me know how much time, effort, and product you’re willing to put forth and we’ll figure out something that works!
+ Deciphering problems and creating solutions for your unique circumstances.

Style influences
+ Simplicity
+ Nature
+ Romance

Why work at VAIN?
+ Diverse and savvy clientele.
+ The salon’s unique style think tank environment.
+ VAIN’s support for and involvement with the community.