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“Making awesomeness happen!”


Haircuts of all types. Wavy + straight textures. Rich chocolate shades + copper colors. Retro + party upstyling. Blondes, blondes, blondes! 


Licensed since 2004. At VAIN since 2012

What do you love about doing hair?

I love creating different looks and helping people achieve their hair goals, whether it’s a new style, a sleek look, big hair, a super modern textured cut, or big panels of color.

What’s your approach with new clients?
I like to sit with new clients and get to the root of their visit. Most times there’s something they aren’t loving about their hair and I want to find out what that is so I can help them love their hair again. Listening helps me figure out techniques and cuts or color that will work best for them in their life.

What kinds of haircuts do you specialize in?
I specialize in a range of cuts, from clean precision cuts to fun, shattered styles. I really like to do all types of haircuts. I like mixing a bit of rocknroll attitude into everything I do.

You’re a blonde specialist and #1 fan. Tell us about that.

I love, love, love blondes! Especially foiled blondes. There’s something about the different tones and ribbon effect of foiled blonde hair that I love. But rich brunettes and vivid copper shades are really fun, too.

What are your favorite fashion/special event hairstyles to do?
I like everything, from true retro styles—the 1920s to 1950s—to the modern, deconstructed styles that can be found in W Magazine. I love creating ornate, amazing looks for my clients depending on the event and their style.

What’s the best hair advice you’ve ever been given?
Hair is a means of self-expression. Just explore it, go with it, have fun with it, and find out what it will do.

What inspires you as a hairstylist?
A lot of different things. My clients for one. Nature. My daughter (she keeps my imagination going strong). Music, art, different periods in history. I really enjoyed the 80s. Cyndi Lauper was an early hair hero of mine.

Any notable hair experiences?

Of all my hair adventures, my favorite is whenever I do my gram’s hair. She is the coolest lady around. She lets me practice and try new things out on her hair. She’s always believed in me and she helps keep my hair passion alive. I am actually doing hair because of her.

Life/interests outside of VAIN?

My daughter is absolutely my everything. I love to just go about exploring life with her. She keeps my eye strong, inspires me, strengthens my imagination, and keeps my perspective moving. I see things in a different way than I would without her. I also love music and art. I can play a few different instruments and love to paint, sculpt, and draw. And of course I enjoy spending time with Chimichanga, my lovely Chihuhahua sidekick.