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Sarah B

“Hair + Sarah B = Awesome”

Long shag layers. Short, high-textured cuts for men + women. Extensions. Dreads. Color built for long-lasting growout.

Licensed stylist since 2003. At VAIN since 2008.

What’s your advice for people in a hair rut?
Small changes can make a big difference. Take a day off from your normal style: switch up your part, buy some bobby pins and try pinning your hair back, go with your natural texture and see how that feels. Consider getting bangs if you don’t have them already—they can effortlessly change your look without anything too drastic. Adding texture to a cut does that too. I always love it when clients come in and we figure out how to break out of a rut together.

Tell us about the color you do at VAIN.
I’m really into blended natural highlights that grow out naturally. We all want our color to last as long as possible! I also love glamorous overall blonde shades and doing grey coverage/blending. As far as extreme color, I’m all about turquoise, pinks, and lilac right now. Even a single extension piece with a bold color can look amazing.

You’ve quickly become a dreadlocks superstar with your clients. What do you like about dreads?
I love the transformation and body that dreadlocks create, the way they take someone’s appearance from basic to bold. And they’re really versatile—you can braid them, wrap them, create structural updos with them, color them, and curl them. There’s a dreads style for everyone.

How about extensions?
I love extensions! I usually have them myself—they’re perfect for adding fullness or length, or highlighting your hair with some cool color without having to dye it. I typically do human hair extensions for a more natural look and synthetic hair for more extreme colors. And I do synthetic dread extensions too.

What are your style influences?
I’m currently obsessed with Johnny Ramone’s hair—strong, face-framing haircuts of the late 70s. I really like Japanese culture as an influence too—both ancient and modern. The history of hair in general completely fascinates me. Street style and the people I see walking around definitely affect my vision for style much more than what’s in fashion magazines.

What’s life like outside of VAIN for you?
I love music—I play guitar and viola and have played in a few bands. Spending time with my pets, travel, fashion and DIY culture, and working with Food Not Bombs.